XOOI Video Meets AI-Powered Notes

New Feature

Introducing XOOI's Next Frontier: Automated Meeting Notes for Smarter Collaboration

Introducing XOOI's groundbreaking automated meeting notes feature! Experience seamless video conferencing with speech-to-text functionality that effortlessly summarizes your meetings into activity notes.

Imagine being able to capture and summarize your meeting discussions effortlessly, freeing up your time for more important tasks. With XOOI's innovative automated meeting notes feature, this dream becomes a reality, revolutionizing the way you handle your meeting workflows. Meet Sarah, a sales team representative at TechWave Inc., and discover how XOOI transformed her meeting experience.

Enhanced Meeting Efficiency

As a sales representative, Sarah frequently finds herself attending multiple client meetings and team discussions throughout the day. Taking detailed meeting notes used to be a time-consuming task, distracting her from fully engaging in the conversation. With XOOI's upcoming automated meeting notes feature, Sarah can now let go of manual note-taking and focus on building meaningful connections with clients and colleagues.

Seamless Integration with XOOI Video Conferencing

XOOI's integrated video conferencing tool has been a game-changer for Sarah's remote collaboration needs. Now, with the addition of the speech-to-text functionality, the video conferencing tool becomes even more powerful. As Sarah participates in online meetings, XOOI's AI-powered system automatically transcribes the discussions in real-time, capturing all essential points and action items.

Easy Retrieval and Organization

Gone are the days of sifting through hours of recorded meeting videos to find specific information. XOOI automatically summarizes the meeting notes and stores them directly in the CRM system. Sarah can access the summarized notes categorized by the purpose of the meeting, whether it's a new client presentation, team brainstorming, or customer support. The organized notes make it effortless to revisit important discussions whenever needed.

Streamlined Sharing with Meeting Participants

One of the added values of XOOI's automated meeting notes feature is the ability to streamline sharing with meeting participants. Sarah can easily send the summarized meeting notes to all participants, ensuring everyone stays on the same page and has a record of the key takeaways and action items. This seamless sharing process fosters better collaboration and engagement among meeting participants, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the meeting.

Enhanced Collaboration and Team Alignment

Sharing meeting insights with team members has never been simpler. With XOOI's automated meeting notes, Sarah can easily disseminate key takeaways from client meetings to her colleagues. This promotes seamless collaboration and ensures that everyone stays informed and aligned on project progress and customer interactions.

Contextual Follow-ups

With XOOI's e-mail integration, Sarah can link follow-up conversations to the respective meeting notes. This feature enables her to keep track of the entire communication thread, making it easy to understand the context of each interaction. Even with changes in team members or client representatives, XOOI ensures that valuable context is never lost.

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Productivity

At XOOI, we believe in empowering our users with cutting-edge tools that streamline their workflows and enhance their productivity. The upcoming automated meeting notes feature is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation. Say goodbye to tedious note-taking and welcome a smarter, more efficient way to manage your meeting discussions.

Whether you're a sales representative like Sarah or a team leader seeking seamless collaboration, XOOI's automated meeting notes will transform the way you engage with your clients and colleagues. Stay tuned for the launch of this groundbreaking feature, and unlock the power of smarter collaboration with XOOI.