AI Meeting Solutions

AI Meeting Solutions

Elevate your customer interactions with online meetings directly in your CRM

XOOI offers an integrated video conferencing solution to schedule and organize meetings without leaving the CRM. Enjoy a unique online meeting experience with all customer data in immediate reach.

Schedule and organize client meetings with ease.
Boost productivity and strengthen customer relationships with the ability to access and edit your client's CRM records and enter new data instantaneously through XOOI Meetings' all-in-one meeting interface. XOOI Meetings simplifies tracking all planned, active and completed meetings by providing an easy-to-use calendar, as well as the abilities to sort meetings by purpose and to request to join active meetings.

Watch recorded XOOI Meetings in your CRM
Positive and sustainable relationships start with listening and remembering. XOOI Meetings allow you to record your online meetings and store them in your CRM for easy access, so you can revisit them to solve problems, ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy. Enhance your corporate memory with XOOI Meetings. Never miss a single detail.

Every meeting is successful with speech analytics
XOOI Meetings' speech-to-text feature allows for easy analysis of sales performance by tracking keywords in recorded online meetings. Get actionable insights into customer sentiment and team performance by detecting keywords that indicate satisfaction with your product or whether your sales rep is effectively promoting new offers. Coming soon to XOOI Meetings.