Advanced CRM-SPM suite for B2B sales teams

XOOI is designed to empower B2B sales teams with advanced CRM and SPM tools that that make complex sales operations simple, optimal and agile.

XOOI aligns with how your team sells. With its easy customization and dynamic field functionality, XOOI adapts to your needs without long development cycles.

Close more deals and get more done
Accelerate your sales pipeline and convert leads into paying customers more efficiently with XOOI's all-in-one CRM solution. From lead qualification to contract approval, manage every step of the client relationship on a single easy-to-use platform.

XOOI facilitates teamwork and collaboration with a comprehenive set of integrated CRM tools, so you can assign leads to the right sales reps, auotomate approval workflows, access documents, assign tasks, communicate instantly with online meetings and direct messaging, track progress and more on a single CRM platform!

Explore the most organized and efficient way of sales with XOOI.

Leverage Real-Time Analytics
XOOI's off-the-shelf reports turn your key sales metrics into actionable insights for everyone, from the CEOs to individual reps. Understand your sales data quickly, accurately and responsively. Effortlessly gain valuable insights into your sales performance with XOOI's user-friendly, real-time sales reports.

Say goodbye to manual data analysis and comparison, and instead focus on understanding your company's trajectory and making data-driven decisions with real-time, automated analysis at your fingertips.