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Ready to be part of something extraordinary? At XOOI, we're revolutionizing the CRM world with our passionate team of innovators. Our flagship solution, XOOI CRM, is a tailored, fast, and cost-effective SaaS CRM software that goes beyond traditional features. With integrated work solutions like project management, video conferencing, task management, advanced reporting, and more, XOOI CRM empowers businesses to streamline their sales and operations, and achieve exceptional results.

We believe in the power of collaboration where each team member contributes with their unique skills and expertise to achieve common goals while developing XOOI. With this belief, we grow through open communication and a relationship of trust.

Join us at XOOI, where we celebrate creativity, invent amazing solutions, and have a blast along the way.



Front end Dev. (Angular)

3 + Years experience İstanbul HQ

Business Analyst


Business Analyst

2 + Years experience İstanbul HQ

XOOI's Hiring Process

A Clear, Defined, and Efficient Hiring Process Awaits


HR Interview

Get acquainted with us as we share insights about XOOI. Let's explore the path to success together.


Technical Interview

Meet your team leader and discuss your responsibilities, projects, and job experience.


Case & Inventory

Demonstrate your skills with our test case and complete a personality inventory, a crucial step in our process. Make sure to showcase your best!


Final Evaluation

Conclude the journey by meeting senior team members or managers in a final interview that seals the deal.


From the team's perspective @ XOOI


“ We are a team dedicated to striving for XOOI's vision and turning its dreams into reality. Our most significant motivation is being able to make decisions together and implement them. I feel fortunate to be part of this dynamic and open-to-change team. ”

Ezgi Nur Doğan

People & Culture

“ Our software development team consistently shines with their unwavering dedication and innovative approach. Their ability to exceed client expectations, adapt to challenges seamlessly, and deliver high-quality solutions sets them apart. Truly privileged to lead such a motivated and accomplished team, and would like to thank for the team's outstanding contributions, and confi dent that our collective success will only continue to grow. ”

Can Kılıçturgay

Software Development Manager

" Thrilled to present our platform to you in my role as the Backend Team Leader at Xooi. Xooi is a cutting-edge platform that harnesses state-of-the-art technologies. Our team undergoes continuous growth through in-house training, and we eagerly welcome new ideas to enhance the optimization of Xooi. Our solutions embody a creative and adaptable approach. If you are eager to explore Xooi's user-friendly and efficient solutions as a valuable member of this dynamic team, we invite you to join us! "

Taylan Kaya

Software Team Lead

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