Project Management

Project Management

All teams in-sync with XOOI Board

XOOI Board offers teams the most efficient way to manage end-to-end Agile projects through teamwork and collaboration. Bring your teams together and facilitate teamwork around your customers or common objectives.

Streamline sales and operations on a single platform with XOOI Board, XOOI's built-in project management system.

Dynamic and super adaptable project management
Start a new project, customize workflows, assign tasks, attach related documents, set deadlines and get your teams to collaborate! Move tasks across the project stages on a Kanban style board with simple drag and drop funcitonality. Monitor workload and save time in communication with direct messaging and file sharing features. Collaboration has never been easier.

Simple to use
XOOI Board's user-friendly interface is designed to help users easily manage their tasks and deadlines anywhere and anytime. Make work easy by making team members, objectives, important information and documents accessible at a fingertip. Track exactly where the project is at any given time.

CRM integrated project management: Complete view of projects and customers
A key feature of XOOI's CRM integrated project management is the ability to link tasks with CRM records, such us customers, contacts, opportunities and activities. By keeping all related information in one centralized location, XOOI makes it easy to track and manage the progress of both the project and the relationship with your customers.

Allow your teams to have a complete view of their projects and customers, and make more informed decisions. Streamline communication and collaboration across departments, such as sales and delivery teams, by providing a shared context for the project and customer interactions. Happy teams, happy customers.

Process Eficiency
Measure how efficiently work flows through your team and process with XOOI Board's reporting tools. Monitor the efficiency of project resources, delivery times times and individual workloads to make appropriate decisions to get the most value delivered as quickly as possible.