Task Management

Task Management

Everything on time with XOOI Tasks

XOOI Tasks provides an efficient tool for team members to create their own to-do lists, assign tasks to team members, and solicit support from colleagues, while managers can monitor and analyze their team's workload in real time and manage deadlines.

Ease of use
Thanks to its easy use, every task can be assigned and tracked very quickly through a single platform, without the need for email, phone call or direct social message.

An indispensable tool to always stay up to date with your team members, XOOI's task management also allows users to keep track of their workload and keep all tasks under control without missing any details in heavy email traffic.

Make Customer-Related Tasks a Priority
With XOOI's easy task management tool, you can effortlessly assign tasks to CRM records, such as clients, meetings, or opportunities. This powerful feature allows you to effectively manage customer-related tasks, particularly for large teams where it can be challenging to track which sales rep is responsible for which client.

Assigning tasks directly to a client record, XOOI automatically notifies the assigned sales rep, streamlining your team's workflow and increasing productivity.