E-Mail Integration

New Feature

Introducing the Future of Customer Success: Email Integration for CRM, But Smarter

Imagine having the power to manage your email communications directly within your CRM platform. XOOI's brand new e-mail Integration empowers users to do just that, and some more! This remarkable new feature offers several invaluable advantages that cater to the needs of modern businesses.

With XOOI's smart e-mail integration, managing your emails has never been easier. Users will have direct access to their Office 365 Cloud and Gmail inboxes, all from within the XOOI CRM interface. No more juggling between different applications; you can now use all the functions of your email system right in XOOI.

Seamless Lead Management

Let's meet Sarah, a sales representative at a fast-growing e-commerce company. When Sarah receives a new inquiry in her Outlook 365 inbox, XOOI's intelligent system detects the new contact and prompts Sarah with a simple question: "Do you want to create a contact?" With a single click, Sarah adds the contact's details to the CRM, instantly connecting the conversation to the new contact, saving time and ensuring all essential information is at her fingertips. Wave goodbye to manual data entry.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Now, step into the world of Alex, a team leader at a logistics company. With XOOI's e-mail Integration, Alex and his team experience a significant boost in productivity and collaboration. James, one of Alex's sales representatives, receives an email inquiry from a client. With the "CRM Links" button right in his Gmail interface, James instantly links the email to the respective customer in XOOI. This action allows Alex and other team members to access the conversation directly from the CRM, fostering seamless collaboration.

Streamlining Communication with Multiple CRM Objects

The real magic of XOOI's smart e-mail Integration unfolds when users link emails to various CRM objects. Users can associate emails with leads, customers, activities, tasks, XOOI Board cards (project management), contacts, and opportunities. For instance, when a user links emails to a specific opportunity, the system automatically displays all relevant email interactions under the "Mails" section on the respective Opportunity's page. Users can open multiple linked emails in pop-up boxes, drag them across the screen, and view different emails at once, ensuring a dynamic and efficient workflow.

Seamless Linking at the Drafting Stage

Linking emails is not limited to incoming messages; users can also do it at the drafting stage! When composing an email in the inbox, a CRM links button will be available. Users can simply click the "+" button to link the email to a CRM object of their choice, making email tracking and organization even more seamless.

The Listen Feature - Keeping Conversations Relevant

But the integration doesn't stop there! XOOI continues to listen to email threads and automatically links subsequent interactions to the appropriate CRM objects. This powerful feature ensures that the context of each email is always clear, even when customer interactions extend over a long period. This is particularly advantageous for companies with high employee turnover, as new sales representatives can quickly grasp the history of customer interactions without missing a beat.

Email Integration For Meaningful Customer Interactions

At XOOI, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced CRM tools, and our new smart e-mail integration is no exception. Embrace the power of enhanced lead management, streamlined team collaboration, and organized email interactions under one central place. XOOI makes customer interactions more meaningful, efficient and productive, bringing you closer to success than ever before.